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What is Flex Developer 2.0?

Flex Developer 2.0 (FD) is a highly efficient Class II treatment device that achieves tooth movement and also triggers mandibular growth.
The spring action is created using a fracture resistant, constantly flexible polyamide-rod. As a result, the FD can be shortened to any length and thinned down to any diameter. In this fashion forces between 50 – 1,000 cN (cN ~ g) can be selected.Because the FD is secured to a sectional mandibular guide wire, it delivers a mesializing force to the lower molars that is especially useful in closing mandibular spaces.

The FD leads to bodily tooth movement of 1 mm/month and can also be used unilaterally.

▪️Distalization of maxillary molars (headgear effect)
▪️Mesialization of mandibular molars (during extraction treatment or congenitally missing lower premolars)
▪️Mandibular growth acceleration (activator effect)
▪️Whole arch class-II-correction (FS/removable)
▪️Retrusion of the maxillary anterior (used in conjunction with elastic chain)
▪️Midline correction (one-sided use)
▪️Unilateral dental class-II-correction (one-sided use)

▪️Protrusive mandibular anterior teeth (except when closing space in buccal segments, congenitally missing premolars)
▪️Steep occlusal plane (gummy smile), exercise caution with anterior open bites

Areas of application
An additional indication is mandibular space-closure, especially following extraction or due to congenitally missing teeth. If desired, distalization of maxillary teeth is also possible. Operators love the Flex Developer due to its robustness and fracture resistance.

In addition to moving teeth dentally, the device also has a functional effect. This stimulates the patient to position the mandible forward and induces Herbst-like mandibular growth. Biting in centric occlusion remains possible due to the device’s exceptional flexibility.

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