Simple and effective support of skeletal mandibular growth!

🔮 Fast chairside insertion

🔮 High patient comfort as a result of ergonomic construction

🔮 Sideways chewing movements also possible

🔮 No reworking required

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What is Herbst Developer?

The Herbst Developer (HD) is a fixed orthodontic device which is mainly used for skeletal treatment of distal bite (growth promotion of mandible).

While usual Herbst hinges (moulded, soldered) are introduced into the mouth in isolation and only allow the patient minimal lateral movement, the Herbst Developer is used at the headgear tube of the molar bands and on a partial arch for fixed appliance. As it corresponds to a ball joint at both ends, lateral chewing movements are also possible for the patient.

What is MiniMold?

Tiger Mini Mold, consisting of the Ortho-handle and Tiger Mini Mold silicone forms for the individual fabrication of anterior bite ramps.
With Tiger Mini Mold, you can fabricate anterior bite ramps for the intrusion of anterior teeth within seconds. The bite ramps are 8.4 mm long and therefore long enough to be easily shortened, if necessary. The included Ortho-handle runs parallel to the bite plane, which guarantees continuously equal results. Small lateral auxiliary lines on the silicone form mark the position of the plateau, which facilitates the alignment of several adjacent bite ramps at the same level. Existing bite ramps can be elongated by simply sliding the Tiger Mini Mold over the bite ramp again, if necessary. In order to avoid abrasion, we recommend using unfilled light-curing resins (e.g. TriadÂź, HeliositÂź).
After sterilization, apply a drop of silicone spray to the opening on the Ortho- handle, where the Tiger Mini Mold is inserted. The Tiger Mini Mold must be inserted into the handle up to the stop! Renew the lateral auxiliary lines on the form with a permanent alcohol marker, if needed.

Fabrication of anterior bite ramps for the intrusion of anterior teeth during orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances.

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